What Leadership does for you!

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What Leadership does for you!

Post  Nasa on Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:11 am


Currently we have many ways of supporting our citizens, and even supporting travelers as well. These will help you develop your farms, and cities. By developing these, you can become a strong player of the markets, or earn yourselves a nice daily income from collecting check in the future.

But until you are financially stable, make good use of the following payments.

Emigration Bonus - £1500 for coming to Anguilla.
Citizen Bonus - £1000 to every citizen per weekday (payed once a week on Sundays)
Travelers Bonus - £500 every day you stay
Media Bonus - £500 for newspaper articles that get published (Max = 1 per 3 days).
Farming Bonus - £1000 every week.
Building Bonus - £500 every week.

Emigration Bonus will be to cover the Airplane ticket ($500 unless you get them cheaper off the Product Market) and include a 'Welcome' bonus. All up you get £1500.

Citizen Bonus' will be handed out once per week on Sundays, you will get £5000. We are only paying for weekdays because an extra £2000 per person per day is a lot of money. So just think of it as your wage from a 9 - 5, Monday to Friday job.

The Travelers Bonus is for all those people who may just like wandering around, or who are here for diplomatic relations or as foreign media. Please tell us if you are.

The Profession Bonus' are to help you out for helping everyone else out. Media will be payed for good writing that is published, since you don't really get payed for this sort of profession until we lower taxes. For Farmers, you should be offering cheap food, iron and stone to citizens of Arguilla so they can build their cities and survive. And Builders should hire people from Arguilla before they hire anyone else, and offer good payments if possible. Later on you will be rolling in cash if you develop a good city, so please consider donating to us so we can support new guys.

This explains the bonus' you can get. I love you



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