Our Laws and Expectations

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Our Laws and Expectations

Post  Nasa on Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:46 am


As a country we have specific laws to protect all our citizens, and also to help grow a good public image with the rest of the world.

Law I - Faulty Elections
[Do Not: Bribing or Bringing in Immigrants to vote for you]
[Punishment: Sued £10000]

Law II - Multiple's
[Do Not: Have more than 1 account]
[Punishment: Banishment]

Law III - Over-Priced Products
[Do Not: Sell Food over £8, Sell Stone over £12, Sell Iron over £12]
[Punishment: Sued £2500]

Law IV - Words that will Affect other Citizens
[Do Not: Discriminate anybody, Use foul language at someone]
[Punishment: Sued £5000]

Law V - Fight for Anguilla
[Do Not: Flee from a War, Lose on Purpose, ect...]
[Punishment: Sued £10000]

Law VI - Random Sues
[Do Not: Sue someone without a reason, Sue someone if they haven't broke a Law]
[Punishment: Sued £5000]

Law VII - Treason
[Do Not: Move to a different Country that is our Enemy or we are at War with, Go to a country and Wage War on us, ect..]
[Punishment: Sued £7500 (If Minor), Banishment (If Major)]

Law VIII - Breaking the Law Multiple Times
[Do Not: Break the Law 3 times]
[Punishment: Banishment]

These laws are rather easy to abide by, they all revolve around being gracious towards others, fair and thinking through actions before doing them.

Our expectations are that everyone will do their best to become wealthy, strong and smart Simrepublic users, and promote Anguilla in a good light to the rest of the world.



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