Our Motto and Manifesto

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Our Motto and Manifesto

Post  Nasa on Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:40 am


Our manifesto represents what Arguilla is all about. A calm, serene environment made up of good people. One that offers an experience, not just an existence like so many other countries. We support our farmers who supply us with life sustaining food. We support our builders, in the hope that they will become wealthy additions to the country and help support the influx of new citizens one day. We support our media, because free speech is as important as wanting to have clean air to breath. We support our politicians, because a country cannot be run by one person and become successful for longer than a single term.

An experience to remember, where you feel refreshed just being here.

And so, our manifesto is,

A = Agricultural
N = Nostalgic
G = Great
U = Unique
I = Intelligent
L = Loyal
L = Lush
A = Active

Many of us have come from countries where plans have not worked out how we wanted. They may be escaping inactive leadership, mean countrymen, or lack of consideration and support. Our motto: Anguilla, for a fresh start... says it all.

Come here, and start over. With no past grievances or shattered expectations holding you down.



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