The Beginning

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The Beginning

Post  Nasa on Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:27 am


In the Beginning, Anguilla was run by several different people over the course of time. But none managed to improve the small countries population or economy, or lost interest and moved away to larger countries. A married couple, after not having much luck leading countries separately decided to take over Arguilla and rule it as a Monarchy together. Now don't be put off by living under and King and Queen's rule, we are a small nation and treat all citizens as family.

The take over of Arguilla occurred without military action needed, it was peaceful, as the country was previously unruled for some time. The responsibility to look after, mentor and slowly develop Arguilla was agreed upon by Sheepy, the soon to be crowned King and Nasa, the soon to be crowned Queen.

They don't have gold encrusted thrown rooms, or wear crowns of expensive jewels, or a castle up on the tallest mountain. They are modern day leaders, using technology, diplomacy with military tact to keep their country safe. Development and defensive structure is more important at this time than global domination or making enemies across the waters. Agriculture and the socio-economic security of there citizens is more important than the size of their...fleets.

To explain what Arguilla and the current leadership have to offer, we will let one of the citizens speak for us,

What does Anguilla have to offer you?

A friendly interesting country to live in.
A sizable army to protect you.
A great leadership that will lead you through wars to victory.
Fair and equal treatment for all.
And huge bonus' for being loyal citizens.
Helpful hints and support from the government.
A weekly Bonus that will blow your mind.

If you could say no to a place like this your crazy!

LordAnt- Proud citizen of Anguilla

Like a Star @ heaven The financial security of our citizens if the basis for a strong loyal foundation to the country. If you have the money to invest in mining, and the development of our cities then we can afford to have high tax rates in order to support the growth of our military. And helping to lessen the pain of having all your wages taken away is our number one priority. Your incentives to live in Arguilla will pay back what tax is taken, but you have to remember to continue collecting your wages (through your Professions pages) daily. Like a Star @ heaven



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